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Bulletin builds stores fully stocked with the best female-run brands. We use every inch of space to support and celebrate female voices.  10% of store proceeds go to Planned Parenthood of New York City.


How it all got started.. 

In May of 2017, still fresh from the blow of the 2016 election, the fully-female team at Bulletin asked, “what would a store look and feel like if it were built explicitly for women, by women?”

So we set out to launch a retail experience from scratch, one that celebrates women with every inch of merchandising, design, product selection and programming. Each item we sell is dreamed up by a female entrepreneur. We spend every day helping female-led retail brands improve and grow by providing shelf space, sales data and marketing exposure that for many, was once out of reach. Every event we throw is meant to inspire activism and bring our customers together. We don’t just sell shit. We work with partners like Planned Parenthood, Dress for Success and #HappyPeriod to host workshops, trainings, and other social justice programming. Why? Because a store can be so much more.


Our Founders



~ Meet Ali and Alana ~

 Ali Kriegsman (Co-Founder & COO) & Alana Branston (Co-Founder & CEO) met while working at a software startup in New York City. Ali loved to write, and Alana, an Instagram and Etsy huntress, loved discovering and supporting indie brands. Eager for a creative outlet, the two started Bulletin 1.0, a digital magazine where readers could learn about cool, underground brands and shop their work throughout the story. After three years of hustle and many pivots, Alana and Ali turned a small, digital side project into a venture-backed, Y Combinator startup with three physical retail stores in New York City.






 ~ Peep our NYC stores ~

We've opened 4 stores in NYC. Our biggest store yet - Bulletin Flagship - is opening in June 2018. 




bulletin wburg widespread.jpg



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927 Broadway (Holiday Pop Up)



Borrowing a page from the sharing economy, they rented out shelf space to emerging brands that can’t afford their own stores. Brands are either invited to sell in their stores or can apply online...The formula seems to be working.
— The New York Times
After two stints with the California startup accelerator Y Combinator, they changed their business plan, raised $2.2 million in venture capital and launched two Bulletin stores.
— Forbes
Bulletin created a niche concept store with a clear mission. Female entrepreneurs and women’s issues are unquestionably front and center, and every component of the store from the brands it hosts to the clientele to Bulletin itself is committed to empowering women.
— Domino magazine



 ~ How we build community ~

Bulletin believes that the future of retail is dynamic, social, and community-driven. So we host events regularly across every store. Whether it Planned Parenthood training sessions,  reproductive health panels or fireside chats with activists on the rise, our events aim to engage and connect our growing community of customers. Our events are free and easy to get to. We're all about inclusivity, here. Our education isn't exclusive and our doors are always open.


Contact + Store locations

Bulletin Williasmburg: 145 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn NY

Bulletin Nolita: 27 Prince St, New York, NY

Bulletin Flagship: 861 Broadway, Union Square, NY


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